Ask the Locals: Food in Annapolis Edition Two

(Last week's post was my most popular ever, so I'm continuing with a Part Two. Read the first set here.)

If you had only one day in Annapolis, where and what would you eat?

I asked some locals (and honorary locals!) this exact question. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Boatyard Bar and Grill (photo: Rhea Torreon)

Boatyard Bar and Grill (photo: Rhea Torreon)

For breakfast, definitely try Eastport Kitchen- my favorites are the avocado toast and egg platter. It's a great place for a reasonably-priced hot breakfast. I go to Ceremony Roasters off of West Street for my morning coffee.

If I'm in the historic district, I like the "you've had this burger" at Harvest Wood Grill + Tap and oysters on the half shell from their always changing selection of local oysters 

For dinner, I'd recommend the hot, steamed blue crabs and steamed clams at Cantler's. They buy their seafood directly from Chesapeake Bay watermen! It's always fresh and delivered right to their dock on Mill Creek. 

Jay Fleming, Annapolis-based photographer and author of Working the Water

Bean Rush in West Annapolis makes great breakfast sandwiches and the Honey Bee latte is my new favorite drink there. 

Dry 85 offers a really good bacon brunch. I love their warm skirt steak and quinoa salad, and the Lavender Fields of Kentucky is one of the best cocktails I've ever tried.

Carrol's Creek is great for special occasions (and has an incredible water front view!), plus their happy hour is really well priced. I love the interior, filled with Liz Lind artworks. 

Metropolitan hosts one of my favorite happy hours in downtown Annapolis- it runs all night on Thursdays. The wine and cocktail list has great choices (the Malbec is fantastic) and the flatbreads are amazing.  

Christina Csaszar, Heritage Programs Coordinator at Four Rivers Heritage

Carrol's Creek Cafe (photo: Rhea Torreon)

Carrol's Creek Cafe (photo: Rhea Torreon)

Breakfast at Main Ingredient would be my first stop of the day. I'm addicted to their coffee- an Easton, MD brand called Rise Up. It has a nice full-bodied flavor that somehow doesn't leave you with that bitter coffee aftertaste, and it's certified organic and fair-trade.

My favorite meal for breakfast is the margarita eggs benedict served with crunchy fried potatoes. The pancakes and waffles are really good, too. 

On my way through town, I might stop by Sweethearts Patisserie if I want to get a friend (or myself) a sweet treat in macaron form. Then I'd hit up Tastings Gourmet Market for their amazing foccacia bread that I might share with coworkers later that day.

When I walk around downtown in the morning or afternoon, I love getting the affogato (espresso and vanilla ice cream) from Red Bean before I stop into my favorite shop next door.

When friends are in town- I like Chart House at sunset for its stunning atmosphere, Boatyard for brunch or crab cakes, and Joss for sushi.

But my favorite restaurant downtown is probably Vida Taco Bar because the flavor palette is fresh, bright, tangy, and spicy, and each bite (no matter which taco I order) is delicious. I also love their guacamole and Purple Drank. 

And a new ramen place (TenTen) opened on Prince George Street- can't wait to try it.

Farah Fitzgerald, owner/designer at Navette

A visit to Ceremony Coffee would be an absolute must- especially on a day when they bring in Carlson's Donuts. Ceremony's seasonal creations are always interesting and Carlson's French Crullers are currently an obsession of mine.

Pizza at Fox's Den or Vin 909 is an amazing go-to for this bread and cheese lover. 

Oyster Shooters and keno at Middleton Tavern is a hometown favorite. 

Preserve is great for either lunch or dinner. I'm a big fan of how they create elevated comfort food utilizing seasonal ingredients. Each component of their dishes seems carefully chosen and thought through.

Cocktails at Dry 85 is an experience worth repeating. They take it to the next level and their bartenders are some of my favorite in the area.

Cara McKenrick, local food blogger at Annapolis Fork

TenTen Ramen (photo: Rhea Torreon)

TenTen Ramen (photo: Rhea Torreon)

Iron Rooster is amazing and so worth the crazy wait on weekends.  I'm always torn between the shrimp and grits and the chicken and waffles, so I usually trick someone into sharing with me. 

Then I head to City Dock for coffee, and sneak over to the Annapolis Book Store on Maryland Avenue.

I also love Naval Bagels. It's very kid friendly, which is totally our jam.  And I can proudly admit that I have eaten A LOT of bagels in NYC, and these are (almost!) just as good.  

Lunch is at my favorite teeny tiny spot in Annapolis- Chick and Ruth's. Way back, I worked as a page in the State House and we'd eat lunch there each day.  It's full of charm and quirkiness- reminds me a little of the old-school places in Brooklyn!

If it's a nice summer evening, I enjoy cocktails on the rooftop at Metropolitan. I love it up there because the twinkle lights and seating make it feel small and cozy.  Or Blackwall Hitch- I love their rooftop, too!

Megan Elizabeth, Brooklyn-based artist

We've started many mornings with a market bun for Amy, a croissant for Casey, and a scone for Fox at Bakers & Co. in Eastport- just a short stroll from our house. It's close quarters on a busy day, so we usually end up making a new friend at the table next to us! 

For a mid-morning pick-me-up, you can find us in West Annapolis at Rutabaga Craft Juicery for a delicious No. 0 and a vegan cookie in their sunny corner spot. 

If we're really treating ourselves for lunch, we'll pop into Preserve on Main Street for the quick pickles and banh mi (but honestly, pick anything on the menu- you can't go wrong!)

For dinner, we'd head up to Tsunami on West Street for sushi and cocktails. Our hands-down favorite is the Metropolitan roll, alongside a Honey Bee and Rooty Mule for good measure.

As a nightcap of sorts, we'd finish the day with freshly mixed ice cream from The Red Bean (their Peanut Butter Pretzel is heavenly), and cozy up in the window of their shop to people watch. 

Amy and Casey Johnson, owners/designers at Foxwood Co.

Eastport Kitchen is a favorite of mine. They offer breakfast all day, which is perfect because I am breakfast lover.

My picks are the breakfast bowl (arugula, cilantro oil, sweet potato quinoa hash, eggs) and the avocado toast (pickled onions, fried egg, chili pepper, multigrain toast). I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the Eastportorican (ham, roast pork, gruyere, dill pickles, dijon, mayo, toasted roll.) Wash it all down with a Spindrift fruit-infused sparkling water and I’m ready to take on the day.

There are several places I would go to for a truly gourmet sit-down meal, depending on the type of cuisine I was in the mood for. I like Jalapeños for Spanish & Mexican, Osteria 177 for Italian, and Grapes Wine Bar of Annapolis for wine and eclectic small plates.

I have had spectacular meals at all of these places and, best of all, you can feel comfortable in jeans! A few words to wise: Jalapeños has a smashing happy hour with over forty $5 appetizers, Osteria has a $17 two-course lunch special during the weekday, and, prior to Sailor Oyster Bar opening, Grapes was the only place I would go for oysters.

Rhea Torreon, local food blogger at Foodie Annapolis