November Wish List


1. A cozy flannel in a solid bright ivory- a modern alternative to plaid. // Madewell Flannel Oversized Ex-Boyfriend Shirt

2. My favorite velvety bright red lipstick- the texture is heaven. // Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro Lip Stain in Drama Red

3. Graphic drop earrings are all you need with a simple outfit. // Annie Costello Brown Pom Pom Chandelier Earrings in Oxide Blue

4. This elegant cocktail dress (available at Wrabyn- 12 Annapolis Street) is even nicer in person. // Tracy Reese Flounced T Cold Shoulder Dress 

5. My dad gifts me a Folio Society book every year- this is the one I want this Christmas. // Folio Society Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov 

6. Porcelain bunnies and hearts on a Spanish leather saddle bag- yessss. // Andres Gallardo Saddle Rabbit Heart Bag

7. May have purchased at least three of these black liquid charcoal soaps from Mr Scherfel (49 Maryland Avenue). // Apotheke Brooklyn Charcoal Liquid Soap

8. Sweet velvet pumps in the color of London blue topaz. // Madewell Inez Ankle-Strap Shoe in Velvet

9. I already own one of Julie's limited edition prints- this is my next pick. #mood #accurate // Julie Houts Money Management Print