Annapolis: Summer walks

One of my favorite walks is to wander past Main Street, down Green Street, past Duke of Gloucester, to the little streets leading to the water and Murray Hill (a beautiful neighborhood walking distance from the main downtown area.)

Because I'm on Maryland Avenue, Prince George Street, and Main Street so often, I sometimes forget about this neck of the woods. Market Street is my favorite- I have a very visceral memory of the first time I walked down the hill to the water, the street lined with Victorian homes, at sunset. It felt like I was transported to a forgotten section of San Francisco for a second. I grew up in nearby Severna Park, but I never knew about these quiet streets until a few years ago.

I love looking at the details on each home- all completely hand-picked with care. There are so many different paint colors, lush gardens, window boxes, door-knockers, historic plaques, wreaths, porch set-ups, flags... I could go on and on.

I am excited for the air to chill a bit in the mornings and evenings. It's so hot right now, and the gardens are beautiful, but it's uncomfortable to walk for too long.