An Update

navette annapolis maryland avenue

Wow, long time since my last post. I'd been meaning to write for the past few weeks, but I chose to give myself some time for my emotions to calm. 

We've been busy closing out our consignment shop Navette on Maryland Avenue (to focus on our collection and other ventures) and it's been a lot more difficult (physically, emotionally, mentally, financially) than I anticipated.

Because we gave almost two months of notice, it's been a long good-bye and a lot of explaining to a lot of people all day long. Sometimes to people who deserve an explanation, and sometimes to people who never shopped with us or truly supported us in the first place.

This experience has brought about so much growth and I'm very grateful for that. There were some true "dark nights of the soul" and I'm so thankful to be inching towards light again.

We're open September 22 through September 25 for our final days. After that, we'll be around Annapolis, but in other manifestations. I'm really excited to work on our collection and design again. 

I've also had the pleasure of being approached by a few businesses I love to be paid (!!!) to do marketing/social media for them. 

Navette (the consignment shop aspect) and DTA (the site and Instagram) has largely been pro-bono and it feels good to support myself again.

I want to continue to strengthen our city- I feel Annapolis is on the verge of some big changes. And it will all come about from the locals who want to see their town thrive. A lot of my principles and relationships have strengthened because of my experience as a shop owner downtown.

I now know firsthand the power in shopping local, in not chasing discounts but spending wisely to build a better community, in creating gathering places (Dinner under the Stars on West Street, for example), in making a city accessible for both pedestrians and cars (the parking situation here needs to be addressed and some spots need to be moved away from the waterfront), and in spreading these messages in a way that feels candid and accessible.

The DTA Instagram has been a wonderful platform and I'm heartened to see more and more people promoting the city. 

See you around!

Also: Wrabyn in West Annapolis (12 Annapolis St) will be hosting a Wellness Pop-Up with Lisa from Whole Health Designs September 22-24. There will be green juices, classes, speakers, and beautiful clothing from small NY/LA/European clothing labels, like Apiece Apart, Frame Denim, Freda Salvador, and Sea New York. They'll be carrying our collection in October!