The Wish List


Brass Makeup Brush Holder, $38

Spring is finally here! This is my favorite season downtown- the flowers are blooming, croquet is in a few short weeks, and there are events or parties every night, all within walking distance from my home. My car is in the shop and I haven't been in a rush to pick it up because I don't really need it right now, haha.

I went to an open house last night at Natalie Silitch (a lovely curated antique shop) on Maryland Avenue, and met a wonderful woman who invited me back to her circa 1760 home. Untouched! I couldn't believe that it was still in tact- complete with a borning room (now a small kitchen with a hearth) and a locked pantry in the parlor for the lady's sugars and little kitchen luxuries. 

She mentioned that she was sitting out of the House and Garden Tour this year (more details here), but would participate next year for sure.