Easter at the Naval Academy

Isn't this Easter display gorgeous? It's outside of the Buchanan House.

My laptop has been slightly out of commission- two trips to the Genius Bar later and we discovered that my charger is broken AND my battery is old AND my fan is dusty and overheating. Doesn't stop my Instagram game but has postponed a few longer posts I'm excited to write.

Bear with me- I kind of skipped the blogger craze and now that blogging is fading (right?), I'm finally joining in for the first time. Very fashionably late.

I like that the pressure is a bit off- this isn't my full-time job and it doesn't really matter, in a lot of senses, if I skip around from topic to topic. 

Like, my taxes. I was feeling very anxious about them (we closed our shop last year and I wasn't sure how that would affect things) until a couple of days ago when I learned that I'm getting money back. For the first time in a decade.

Feels good, man.

The photos are from a tax-anxiety-clearing walk around the Naval Academy. I was in awe of the tulips and canons and golden evening light. I think it was Wednesday night and I was one of the only civilians on campus. So many middies said Hi to me- maybe they thought I was lost. 

This time of year is my absolute favorite downtown, but it goes by so fast. Tulips and cherry blossoms are everywhere, which will soon give way to roses. Croquet is this Saturday (April 22), followed by the Spring Sailboat Show, followed by May Day, followed by Commissioning Week/Blue Angels, followed by Memorial Day. 

Some of these events interest locals, but many choose to rent out their houses (you can make bank during Commissioning Week) and skip town to avoid the crowds. I don't own my place so I'm here for all of them, whether I like it or not. 

ALSO- FYI- they're selling tickets to croquet this year (for the first time ever) and they sold out very quickly. BUT, I've heard that since so many people didn't get them that everyone is dressing up and party-hopping all day downtown, anyway. =)