Let's talk about prom dresses...

It's been a long time for me (15 years!), so prom is pretty much the last thing on my mind.  

But then I saw this dress and something dormant stirred inside of me. Maybe I could have waited to post (to include a few other options) but it's selling out quickly and prom is soon, right? 

This is my high school dream dress. In fact- I think I saw it in my 90s Seventeen Magazines. I think I read about it in my Weetzie Bat books. Maybe Sally wore it at some point on Mad Men.

It's jacquard. There are metallic daisies. There's a princess skirt. The thin straps are sensual yet innocent.

I feel too old for this dress now that I'm in my early 30s and it kind of makes my heart hurt. 

My actual prom dress was an unexpected choice for me. It was a gift from my grandmother- she said I could pick out anything and there were no budget constraints. 

We drove all the way to the Saks at Tyson's, and I picked a bias-cut silk charmeuse gown (the shiny side against the skin.) It was hot pink with a floral print, a low back with criss-crossing spaghetti lacing, and a breezy silk chiffon overlay on the bodice in the same print. 

It was Tahari and $300. That felt SO expensive. I don't even know how much something like that would cost now- a bias-cut gown in a thick silk is pretty luxe. You rarely see it anymore.

But my OTHER dream prom dress was by Betsey Johnson- I think it was a teal palm tree jacquard with a bubble wrap overlay. I'd have to go to New York City for that one, so we crossed it off the list. No online shopping back then.

THAT dress- the Betsey Johnson- reminds me of THIS dress.