Cheap Eats- Annapolis Crabmeat Edition

Crabs doused in Old Bay at Cantler's (credit: IG @zac2.7)

Cheap and crabmeat probably shouldn't be said in the same sentence. My apologies. This post is channeling my inner Guy Fieri. 

Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives visited Annapolis, by the way, in 2011. My sister was waitressing at Galway Bay at the time and was on film for a second. Claim to fame. And they still get orders based on that episode! Davis' Pub was also featured- maybe on a different episode. 

That being said, I'm messaged a lot about crabs. Anyone who visits Annapolis- often with only a day or weekend in town- is fiending for crabs. 

I usually recommend a crab house- Cantler's (classic), The Point (in Arnold- I love the ambiance), or Mike's Crab House (haven't tried yet, but I've heard good things.)

But if you're local, you don't always have the time, the patience, the large group of affable friends, and/or the funds to go full-out crab feast every time you have a craving. 

If you're really hard up, crab dip or a cup of soup (cream of crab, chowder, or Maryland-style crab with a spicy tomato base) are great in a pinch (heh) and available everywhere. 

Here are a few of my favorite "alternative" crab options.


Annapolitan Bagel from Naval Bagels

I order this one regularly- it fits into my daily life so well and it's under $10.

I usually get the Annapolitan (add avocado) on a cheesy Jalapeño bagel- eggs, lump crab, Old Bay, and cheddar.

Crab Pretzel from Davis' Pub

The crab pretzel is a classic pub appetizer in Annapolis- soft pretzel plus crab dip. Simple concept.

Davis' Pub is a local haunt in Eastport- any time I'm there, I run into friends.

Chesapeake Chacho's Nachos from Lures

Not to be confused with their regular Chacho's Nachos.

These are homemade Old Bay potato chips, melted havarti cheese, pico, crabmeat, shrimp, and sour cream (which I skipped, because I HATE sour cream.)

Lures is in Crownsville (about a 15 minute drive) and their patio is glorious on a nice evening.

Crabcake Sandwich on Tuesdays at Dock Street

I love Dock Street crabcakes- love them.

While crabcakes are on the menu at many restaurants (almost all of them, actually), the Tuesday night special is the real MVP. A crabcake sandwich is around $13 (normally $19) and includes curly fries.

Blue Crab Cheesy Fries at Armadillo's

This is total dive food, but it definitely serves a purpose. Crispy waffle fries topped with cheddar sauce, tomato, roasted corn, green onions, and lump crab meat.

A few drinks deep and you'll have never tasted anything better.