Summer Finds

I haven't been the best at regularly updating the blog- I definitely default at posting quick pictures and videos in my Instagram stories. I get so many messages on there and enjoy connecting in the moment. 

The downside to microblogging is that sometimes you want to revisit pictures and tips so I thought it would be fun to round up some of the photos that I've saved over the past few weeks.

I saw this Annapolis lookbook on the Anthropologie website the other day- edition one, no less!

I worked there for about two years in college, and still shop at Anthro regularly. My favorite thing from their Annapolis lookbook is these navy striped pants.

My friend Elizabeth was wearing this stretch crepe work shell to an after-work event for The Capital. The neckline works well under blazers and cardigans so I picked up all three colors (on sale for $12, so...)

I should have posted it earlier! Might still be available in store.

I also purchased this linen-blend cardigan ($68, worth every penny, worn with white stretch crepe shell) at the beginning of the season and wear it almost every week. One of the best pieces of clothing I've bought for the summer office.

In May, I started working part-time at a real estate law firm in Annapolis. There are two attorneys in the office, Matthew Evans and Genevieve Lindner, and I love working with them.

It's a complete 180 from my 12 years in retail/fashion, but I like the new challenge. Plus, my frivolous side has really been enjoying the excuse to shop for a professional work wardrobe. I haven't bought much yet because it's summer, but I know that will change in the fall.

I loved doing this Q + A with Whimsicality and Scout Bags- it opened the door for a few other future partnerships and collaborations so stay tuned! I hope to up my game this fall and really start connecting with other bloggers in the area, including Baltimore and DC. 

The Cire Trudon candle book from a small shop in Old Town Alexandria. I think Nazareth was my favorite- it smells like cinnamon, resin, orange, cloves...Christmas. 

Another rec from my friend Elizabeth. This Christophe Robin hair scrub is now available in a small size (maybe 10-12 washes) for $19. It has a lovely subtle sea salt fragrance and leaves your hair literally squeaky clean so I only use it once per week.

I also adored the sample of Herbivore Lapis Facial Oil (it's also so, so pretty) and I'm going to splurge when I can.

I found Differin at the drugstore the other day and was shocked because it was my favorite prescription retinol many years ago but I could no longer afford it. I think a tube was about $250 out of pocket. Now it's only $12 for the small size.

My favorite hidden street downtown is Cumberland Court- it's right off Maryland Avenue and no one ever finds it. 

I bookmarked this post from Historic London Town's Instagram story- the green wall is goals for me. I want a historic stately house with a green wall one day.

My favorite coffee shop lately is Brown Mustache in Old Fox Books (35 Maryland Avenue.) They brew Ceremony Coffee, and serve Carlson's Donuts and Bread and Butter Kitchen (just opened in Eastport) scones, wraps, and salads. Their backyard is magical- they recently added the chandelier.

I just rediscovered the happy hour at Ramshead Tavern- all appetizers are half off. They changed their menu somewhat recently. The Tuna Tower is my favorite "bar" meal in a long time- the seaweed, marinated tuna, avocado, and fried wontons are heaven together. 

The Southwestern Chopped Salad from Trader Joe's is SO good. I buy a couple of bags every week and add avocado and/or chicken if it's on hand.

Broke out the kilim weekender for a short trip to see my grandmother in South Carolina. I scooped it up in Breckenridge about a decade ago, and it's still one of my favorite finds. The brand is YUNART (not sure if they are still around) but this Artemis Design Co weekender is similar.

The painting is by Kim Hovell, a local artist and friend. Linen sheets are from Rough Linen.

I haven't been reading a lot lately- sadly, it has felt like such a slog and I'm not able to concentrate that well anymore. I'm currently reading (trying to read?) Essentialism and Works of Love by Kierkegaard.

I've never struggled with sorting out what's essential but I don't think I'm particularly effective with a lot of my habits, especially in my creative pursuits and daily time management. Plus, it's interesting to read about the application of this skill by business organizations and leaders.

On a fashion note, I enjoyed this piece by Leandra Medine (Man Repeller founder) about capsule wardrobes, consumption, and minimalism. I can highly relate and never quite get there myself.