2018 Goals


Mini 'Chincoteagues on Aqua' by Kim Hovell with every purchase this month.

Every January, I try to come up with a theme for the year and really, truly embody it to my best ability. Now that it's February, I've had a bit of time to sit with my 2018 goals, and make sure that I'm heading in the right direction. 

My sister Farah said something a couple of months ago that resonated with me. We were talking about all of our ups and downs over the past year (since we closed our consignment shop and clothing line Navette in late 2016) and she noted, "Well, 2017 was about rebuilding our creative foundation. In 2018, we really start to own it."


So, I've decided that my themes for this year will be creativity and connection. Basically the underlying electric current of my entire life, but 2018 will be the year that I really focus on them!

I've listed a few of my goals below (left out some of the more private ones, haha) and tried to be as specific as possible so that I can really make them happen.


Paint (almost) every day and promote/wholesale my prints.

Painting was definitely the bright spot of my 2017. I'd forgotten how much I loved it! I started with the entryway of Bancroft Hall at the Naval Academy, and then painted a couple of views from the Eastport Bridge.

I have the original of Bancroft Hall hanging above my books in my bedroom, and while I may sell some of my other works at a later date- I'm definitely keeping this one. It's my first painting and holds a special place in my heart.

I started selling my prints in late November and was completely moved and motivated by the support I received. 

Right now I'm painting five more scenes and have a long, long list of other compositions I want to work on. Including a few series and studies of objects and places. I have 12,000 photos on my phone to sort through!

I'd love to sell more prints directly (the personal connections/messages are the best and always brighten my day), add a couple of wholesale accounts (right now you can find my work at Whimsicality and Here. A Pop-Up Shop), and maybe send my work out to a few interior decorators or local magazines/newspapers.

I also have some fun collaboration ideas that would involve other artists.

Start taking commissions and selling originals later in the year.

I'm excited to sell originals! I've already received a few inquiries but I'd like to build out my print shop a bit more first. Soon!

Participate in a group art show.

I think this would be cool and something I could also help promote!

Start a new business.

This is in the works- very fun and random- and I'm excited to announce it within the next month.


Write regularly and take ownership of my website.

Writing can feel a bit like pulling teeth for me. I have a visual orientation and love taking pictures, decorating, designing, painting, organizing flowers in a vase....anything in that vein.

For so long, I'd try to force myself to write and it would work for a bit and then I'd just stop.

But the weird thing is that I always feel great after I write a long, heart-felt post. And I always connect with at least a few people every time I do just that!

So I want to make a point to write regularly (even if it's weekly or once a month) and be pretty flexible with the subject matter.

Do more product reviews on Instagram Stories (and my website.)

Want to know my most "re-watched" IG story ever?

One in which I noted that copper (or gold) Bodum french press makers were 50% off at Target! I wasn't expecting that.

Reach out and form more collaborations with local businesses, artists, PR firms, etc.

I met a lot of great people in 2017 and want to continue this trend. 

I'd also love to be sent beauty products to review, haha.

Organize a meet-up.

Still brainstorming the best way to do this. An art show or pop-up event? A collaboration with a local restaurant?

It doesn't have to be fancy, but it would be nice to build more IRL community in 2018.

Continue with the giveaways.

I'm always scheming up organic ways to include businesses and brands on my page. I did three giveaways in December and had fun connecting with the different artists and entrepreneurs.

I probably won't do three again in a month, but I could try for a monthly giveaway or even do some quick, fun ones on my IG stories.

Create a newsletter.

I have a newsletter sign-up form on my site, but haven't sent anything yet! Whoooops.

I'd love to create a monthly newsletter of some sort- maybe with shout-outs of local events, new blog posts, giveaways, promotions, etc!

Update my About page and get real headshots.

Just so I can feel legit! I'd like to get in front of the camera a bit more in 2018.


Go no-sugar three days a week.

This is my version of a fitness goal. Sugar is my number one frenemy, and cutting it out a few days a week may be the catalyst for other changes in my diet and workout routine.

I don't think I've gone a day without a dessert of some sort in at least... 30 years?

Meditate every day.

I read Going to Pieces Without Falling Apart a few years ago and it really stuck with me (after the recommendation of Dan Harris in 10% Happier- which I also read.) 

I was VERY GOOD about this a couple of years ago, but completely got off track. Which sucks because I saw noticeable changes in my sense of happiness and peace.

Do a random task/chore every day.

The sorts of things that are always in the back of my mind but I never quite get to them. 

Cleaning out the microwave. Vacuuming the stairs. Organizing the junk drawer. 

I never want to do these things because I think of them all at once and then just want to lie down. It's like eating an elephant one bite at a time.

Travel more! Learn to sail! Fun things!

I definitely would like to take more trips- I haven't gone on a true vacation in years. I'd love to go to Hawaii or Iceland or even mini road trips in Maryland.

I also want to spend more time on the water in 2018. =-)