Lately: The dead of summer

Do these flowers on East Street suffer from  Summertime Sadness?

Do these flowers on East Street suffer from Summertime Sadness?

I've been trying to figure out how to start this post. The dead of summer (also: the dead of winter) is the hardest time for me to feel inspired. It's just been SO HOT and SO HUMID- I've been doubling down and working at our shop a lot, taking lots of pictures of new arrivals, working on a wholesale plan for our collection, and reaching out to a few businesses for collaborative posts in the future. 

I was talking with my friend Katie the other day and she compared herself to a lizard- hot days lying in the sun are her favorite.

I told her that I prefer a cool, crisp dusk with reeds bending harmonically in the wind.

Not exactly where we're at right now.

For the longest time, I thought I had reverse SAD. I never loved the lack of structure during the summer months of my childhood. I feel listless when it's too humid. I also assume that everyone is having a better summer than me- and everyone knows that comparison is the thief of joy.

But I do like June (when the heat is new and less hot) and August (my birthday month, plus that "end of summer, stop taking this for granted, let's all hang out" feeling.) July is just not my month.

This illustration (by a talented and humorous designer I've worked with in New York) shows the dichotomy perfectly. I'm the girl on the left, and I've always wanted to be the girl on the right.

When I'm on the water, I like summer a lot more. When I'm working, walking around the city, running errands, making things, writing, trying to exercise outdoors in high humidity... I have a harder time. 

Annapolis, at first glance, seems like a summer town. The sailing, the water, the crab feasts- the "postcard" version of the city is broadcast everywhere. And for many of my friends here, summer IS their time.

But the truth is, downtown, especially during the weekends, can feel very touristy in the summer. Spring, fall, and winter just have this different vibe to them. I run into more friends and people I know, which helps me feel rooted in the community.

December- with three Midnight Madnesses (everything stays open til midnight on Thursdays), decorations everywhere, hot chocolate at the ice cream shops, and more locals supporting the small businesses- is such a wonderful month in downtown Annapolis.

I could write sonnets/haikus/etc about Annapolis in April, or October, or December.

In July, I have to work a bit harder to find inspiration. I'm just glad that I finally know and accept this about myself. Because really, you have to be at peace with yourself, as you are.

It also makes for some strange entertainment for my summer-loving friends- they find it to be such a foreign and amusing concept. 

My next post will include a few things I DO love about summer so far- I just needed to get this off my chest to inspire and motivate myself. And to reach out to the 1% of people in Annapolis that are "non-summer" people- you're not alone!